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Imagine beyond where you think you can go!


They call me ‘Animal’


Welcome to Jody Fisher Coaching. I’m a Texan who grew up believing that if I worked hard and followed all the rules I’d find all the happiness and success I wanted. Oops…I was wrong. While I was working hard to create systems and complete detailed work in all my jobs, I wasn’t happy. Following the rules? I could do it, but man, I wanted to create and be so much more. I like to act out, I like to make people think, and laugh…boy, I really like that!



I tried the “work hard” principal with my fitness when I didn’t find myself perfect, measuring myself up to others. I raced marathons, half marathons, and triathlons but never achieved a dream body, nor came in first place for that matter. It turns out I wasn’t really working hard when it came to nutrition. And the alcohol I used to cover my unhappiness and stress about not “achieving” was weighing me down.



My real fitness journey began last year. My husband and I finally tackled the nutrition aspect of our lives with 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. Best of all, I stopped following “the rules” -the expectations I thought a good, hard working person must follow. I put myself out there with people to motivate them to think beyond their boundaries, try what they think they can not do, and support them when success is not immediate.



Age, ability, gender…they don’t determine your limits. You do when you don’t GO FOR IT! I want to help you see anything is possible when you Unleash Your Animal.




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