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I was an avid runner in my 30s. I spent a whole decade making every run about going farther or faster. I judged myself on those metrics and body weight and it resulted in frustration and injury.


I had fought my teens and 20s being self conscience about my body after a gymnastics coach told me to lose 15 pounds. At the age of 30, I bought into the idea that running was the ONLY way to burn calories and lose weight. I had become a fad dieter and was deep in destructive drinking.


I couldn’t understand why I was still flabby, unhappy, and WHY I was always injured! A calf tear and ankle sprain knocked me out of running entirely for two years. That hiatus was a Godsend.


During that period I learned about healthy eating and cross training. And when I finally started back to running, I realized everything I had learned in the running decade was sound information when used the right way. I started Run Girl Run to educate others in safe, enjoyable running.


Why would you recommend others to try Run Girl Run?

"I thought I was pretty decent as far as running knowledge went - mostly from picking up things at race expos. But I had never gotten the mental thing down. It's still a work-in-progress, but this group has helped and I would 100% recommend others try this group!"

Sara M.

What was your running like before Run Girl Run?

"Before the group I was pushing myself to run the time and distance I used to even though I haven't been running consistently the past two years then feeling defeated when I couldn't."

Jane K.

Why would you recommend others to try Run Girl Run?

"It's great for beginner runners and also gives information and new approaches or mindsets for other levels of runners!"

Abby A.

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  • As soon as I receive your contact info, I'll send a link to join us on the Run Girl Run Facebook page. We're excited to add you to the group!

  • There will be an optional virtual 5k organized for which members of the group and their families can register. If you were to participate, to which extent would you be willing to share your results?