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BUZZ OFF!! Virtual 5K



Depending on where you live, this may be the month you RUN for cover from the bugs! This virtual 5k you can choose to walk or run WHERE and WHEN you want. Just make sure you avoid the gnats, flies, mosquitos, and bees within 30 days.


Show off your themed Buzz Off!! Virtual 5k medal on your display of accomplishments or keep it hung proudly on your front door so the pests realize they are not welcome.  


It’s that cooler weather + moisture that makes bugs more prevalent. You DON’T have to be their morning feast however.  Be brave and don’t let the bugs BUG you right our of your walk or run. Your race packet is filled with items to help you avoid the bites and stings, but also celebrate 3.1 miles complete in the face of your small, buzzing foe.


Soak up event Support and Celebration via virtual accountability weeks, training, gear tips, and group coaching from yours truly via the free Run Girl Run Support Group. (Link to join is sent with registration confirmation)

We Celebrate Our Accomplishments!

Regardless of your fitness level, you will have a blast being a part of a community where you feel welcome and right at home. Sometimes your fitness partners are next to you and when they can not be, you will have a whole slew of running and walking buddies (virtually) by your side!

Gobble and Run 5k

"With Friends!"

Gobble and Run 5k

"As a Family!"

Reindeer Run 5k

"When the Weather is Just Right!"

Ice Ice Baby 5k

"Hold Each Other ACCOUNTABLE!"

Torch Run 5k

"Going for Gold!"

March Madness 5k

"In shades!"

Walk The Plank 5k

"As a Group!"

Wookiee Run 5k

"As a Team!"

Fast As Dash 5k

"With Kids!!"

Fast As Dash 5k

"Inside & Hydrated!"

Where's The Beach 5k

"Still Looking!"

Dog Days 5k

"Supporting Woman's Best Friend!"

Dog Days 5k

"Ears Included!"

Dirndl Dash 5k

"In Costume!"

Walk The Plank 5k

"First 5k!"

How to take advantage of the best sign up option for you


~Have family or friends that live with or near you?

You can register 3 additional people at a discounted price during your checkout and receive their bibs and medals in your race packet. Please enter what name you would like personalized on each bib. Personalization is free of charge and appears in the top right hand corner above the bib number. Absence of names in registration will result in a bib with a number only.

I was an avid runner in my 30s. I spent a whole decade making every run about going farther or faster. I judged myself on those metrics and body weight and it resulted in frustration and injury.


I had fought my teens and 20s being self conscience about my body after a gymnastics coach told me to lose 15 pounds. At the age of 30, I bought into the idea that running was the ONLY way to burn calories and lose weight. I had become a fad dieter and was deep in destructive drinking.


I couldn’t understand why I was still flabby, unhappy, and WHY I was always injured! A calf tear and ankle sprain knocked me out of running entirely for two years. That hiatus was a Godsend.


During that period I learned about healthy eating and cross training. And when I finally started back to running, I realized everything I had learned in the running decade was sound information when used the right way. I started Run Girl Run to educate others in safe, enjoyable running.