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The Weight Journey

Two months spent doing any one thing consistently should show some results, right? You could walk state to state. You could write a book. You could build a playhouse. In my case, I followed a weight lifting program. In reflection, I did more than check off 56 days of workouts and rest days; I moved farther along my weight journey.

A Different Setup

I’ve completed the program The Master’s Hammer and Chisel before.  At the time, I had access to my own gym in our garage and my husband was performing the workouts with me. This go around, I used my community gym and I was on my own. Let’s just say the situation affected my morale. All the equipment I needed was not at my fingertips. I lacked an adjustable bench so I would carry a chair to the gym each day to use for my bench presses, ab work, step ups, etc. There were missing weights. I found myself not pushing as hard sometimes because the next weight up was 10 pounds instead of five. In some cases, there would be only one of a particular weight. Goodness, the worst was having to share space and weights with strangers. Some days, this made it difficult to workout in a timely manner or positively.

A Different Fear

It was this time last year that I got over my fear of eating more food to build muscle and dove into my first round of Hammer and Chisel. My results proved this was an unnecessary fear though and I have been able to eat and adjust foods more easily since. This year, the thought of going to a public place and lifting weights in front of others was a bother. So many thoughts would go through my head:

Please don’t laugh at me

Please don’t correct me

Please don’t hear me panting or grunting

Please don’t think I am weak

Please don’t let me have a wardrobe malfunction

These were all very silly things, of course. None of these things ever happened. In fact, I think more people felt the same and they would turn up the TV louder, turn up their music louder, or avoid me all together just like I wanted to avoid them. It seems we share common fears in the gym and this should not be an excuse for showing up.

A Different Expectation

The first time around, I gained 2.2 pounds and lost 9.12″.  I remember being astonished at not packing on the weight, but relieved that I could stop eating as much as was required.

This time through, I was eating on a smaller plan experimenting to see if I could get different results. I wanted to lose more weight and more inches. The results: I gained 0.3 pound and lost 1.5 inches. Darn! I guess my experiment didn’t work. But now that I have data on those two rounds, I know how to proceed on a third. More food! Regardless, I can see much more definition in my shoulders, quads and my biceps. Carrying groceries? Not a problem at all. I love that I built strength!


A Different Me

Some people might be crushed that after two months of such effort they didn’t make very specific goals. They might completely blame the program. They might think there is something wrong with them. They might just give up making fitness changes. Here’s my thinking. I’m on a journey. This time, I proved the value of eating more food. My first round was not successful only because of weightlifting, but also because I ate more of the right foods. This time I proved I will go to a gym even when it is inconvenient because I am worth it. This time I added strength. You see, I have information to build on. I have experience. That makes me wiser on what to do next and how to do it.

All in all, I am very proud of myself. I’m going to take this as a learning experience. It will be an experience I share with others as I hold them accountable to their workouts through their struggles. I can very specifically tell someone, “Yes, I completely understand what that is like to go through a program and not get the most fantastic results. Have you thought of this?” If you think having a coach to help you through those struggles is what you need to get started, I encourage you to reach out. Contact me and let’s go through a free consult. I may have that experience that matches up with yours. I may be able to help. If there is one thing you get from this article, it is this: Your greatest accomplishments will be those failures you tackle again and again. Keep trying!

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